Introduction to
Attaching to Motor

1. Turn off motor before flusher is installed
2. Attach water hose to included quick connect fitting
3. Rotate muffs as needed for your motor
4. Reach out and attach adjustable hook to the cleat on your boat to balance the unit
5. Position the muffs around the water inlets on your motor and squeeze the handle until the muffs are tight over the water inlets
6. Turn the water on and start your motor
7. Flush your motor according to the manufactures suggestions
8. Turn the motor and water off
9. Pull the release trigger to loosen the muffs and remove
10. Never leave your running motor unattended
11. Do not store unit in the closed position.


✓ Helps protect your investment by flushing the motor after each use
✓ Easily reaches motor while boat is on a boat lift
✓ The included quick connector with shut off valve makes turning the water on & off easy
✓ Quickly flushes away salt, sand and alkali and helps to prevent clogging and corrosion and helps to extend your motor life
✓ Attach your favorite salt removing mixing unit with ease
✓ Clamping action holds muffs secure while flushing

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Comes in two great sizes: 80″ and 36″
Dock Daddy 80"

DockDaddy 80″

This unit is designed for use while your boat is on a lift over the water. Easily reach out to flush your motor from the
safety of your dock.

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Dock Daddy 36"

DockDaddy Jr. 36″

This unit is designed for use while your boat is on a trailer.
For use in your driveway or for
mechanics in a shop.

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Dock Daddy Demonstration 1
Dock Daddy Demonstration 2
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